Integrated CAD, CAM and CAE software

Eliminate your disconnected product development process. Unify design, engineering and manufacturing into a single platform.

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Go from concept to manufacturing faster

Gain access to all features and functionality with a Fusion 360 subscription.

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For designers, electrical and mechanical engineers, and machinists.

Standard design and 3D modeling tools, plus a fully featured CAM, CAE, and PCB development platform

Comprehensive CAM functionality:

  • 2 & 3-axis milling
  • Adaptive clearing
  • Turning
  • FFF additive manufacturing
  • Water jet, laser cutter, plasma cutter
  • 3+2 milling
  • 4 & 5-axis milling
  • Mill-turning
  • Setup probing
  • Automatic tool change
  • Rapid feed

Extensive collaboration and data management:

  • Unlimited active and editable Fusion 360 documents
  • Public share links
  • Commenting, markups
  • Multi-user management

Unified electronics and PCB design:

  • 999 schematics
  • 16 layers
  • Unlimited board size

Full 2D documentation and drawings:

  • Multi-sheet support
  • 3 file exports
  • Company templates

Phone, email, and forum support

Local and cloud rendering*

*Requires cloud credits

16 export file types

File Types:*.dwg, *.dxf, *.f3d, *.f3z, *.fbx, *.iam, *.igs, *.iges, *.ipt, *.obj, *.sat, *.skp, *.smt, *.step, *.stl, *.stp

23 import file types

File Types:*.3dm, *.asm, *.CATPart, *.CATProduct, *.dwg, *.g, *.iam, *.ipt, *.jt, *.neu, *.par, *.prt, *.psm, *.sab, *.sat, *.skp, *.sldasm, *.sldprt, *.smb, *.smt, *.wire, *.x_b, *.x-t

All local and cloud simulation strategies:

  • Linear and non-linear static stress
  • Thermal and thermal stress analysis
  • Event simulation
  • Structural buckling
  • Modal frequencies
  • Shape optimization

Generative design technology*

*Requires cloud credits or a subscription

Exclusive access to EAGLE Premium and HSMWorks

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