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Metal 3D Printer. The World’s #1 Metal 3D Printing Solution capable of building fully dense parts from wire and powder in the same machine, by using a patented multi-laser deposition...


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Metal 3D Printer.

The World’s #1 Metal 3D Printing Solution capable of building fully dense parts from wire and powder in the same machine, by using a patented multi-laser deposition technology

Metal 3D Printing

Metal 3D Printing, also known as metal additive manufacturing is the process in which metallic materials are joined together to create objects using 3D model data. Meltio’s LMD technology is a laser based additive manufacturing process that is capable of printing metal wire, powder, or both simultaneously, without the need to change the nozzle. The M450 is unique in the Metal 3D Printing world due to its wide range of applications and the capability of printing 100% dense metal parts.

Metal 3D Printer Cost

The costs of metal 3D printers generally vary greatly between a wide range of prices. Metal 3D Printer Prices are reflective on the size of the printer’s print capacity and it’s overall performance. The M450 Metal 3D Printer was created based on today’s market’s needs, adding value to your investment.

3D Printing with Metal

Meltio’s M450 is the perfect choice for companies in need of 3D printers for metal manufacturing.  Its technology supports different types of metal such as inconel, titanium, stainless steel, and spherical stainless steel, among others. With the innovative technology of laser metal deposition (LMD), you will be able to cut the initial investment cost by half and improve your overall performance and productivity.


Is a nickel-chrome-molybdenum superalloy created to withstand various corrosive environments and high temperatures.


Is high resistance, light-weight, and has great resistance to corrosion. It is also a very elastic or flexible metal, allowing it to deform or return to its original shape.

Stainless Steel

Is a solid material and not just a coating applied to ordinary steel. This material has an incredible resistance to corrosion.

Industrial Metal 3D Printer

With the scalability of Meltio’s small-footprint Industrial Metal 3D Printer you have the flexibility to work in office or industrial environments with no limitations on your day-to-day operations. The M450 can print larger parts than its closest competitors and at half the cost. Its build size on the Z axis reaches up to an impressive 450mm, making it the best solution for industrial 3d printing

Meltio's Metal 3D Printing Process

Meltio uses a patented LMD (Laser Metal Deposition) 3D printing technology. This technology is one of the most innovative among the 7 types of classified 3D printing technologies. It’s effectiveness lies mainly in two factors, the head that can house between 3 and 6 lasers, and the special nozzle which makes it possible to focus the laser’s energy onto the print material.

Technical Details Metal 3D Printer M450


Dimensions: 550x600x1400 mm

Print Envelope: 150x200x450 mm

Enclosure: laser-safe, controlled atmosphere

Mass: c. 200kg, depending on options

Laser Power: 600w to 1.5kw

Amount of Lasers: 3+

Laser Type: solid-state diode

Amount of Laser Beams: 3+

Input Power: 230V single-phase / 400V three-phase

Materials: any commercially available metal in wire or powder

Wire Feedstock: 0.8 to 1.2mm diameter wire

Wire Feeds: up to 2 x K200 spools

Powder Feedstock: 45 µm to 90 µm particle size

Powder Feeds: unlimited external plug and play feeders

Process Chiller: Activate water-cooled, process interlocked

Process Control: closed-loop, laser, wire, and powder modulation

Interface: USB, ethernet, wireless datalink

Other Features: hot wire feed, heated build plate, live HD video


This package offers a combination of training, a 12-month maintenance contract and a number of preventive-maintenance visits to your location in the UAE. More information will be provided by the distributor.

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