Ultimaker 3

Certified-Operator Training

A 3.5 hour training session held by our specially-trained service engineer will demonstrate and teach you the following :

1. Unbox and setup the printer

2. Install and change print cores/filament materials.

3. Calibrate the height of the build plate

4. Calibrate the XY offset of the printer’s dual extrusion

5. Prepare the 3D model, slice it, and start the print

6. Carry print core cleaning

7. Troubleshoot build plate adhesion problems

8. Turn the active levelling feature on and off

9. Request maintenance

10. Replace the silicone nozzle cover

11. Clean and re-apply lubrication/grease to the printer

Training materials:

1. A user manual for the machine

2. A software manual

3. Ultimaker material manuals (for ABS/CPE/Nylon/PC/PLA/PP/PVA/ToughPLA/TPU)

4. A checklist for printing and for preventive maintenance

5. Invitations to material try-outs/testing programmes where new material samples will be distributed

6. Receive our online 3D printing newsletter