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Designed for life on the move, the Ultimaker 2 Go is incredibly lightweight and yet has all the accuracy and reliability of its larger siblings. Its intuitive software prepares everything for print in no time. And thanks to its size, it’s all printed really fast too. We’ve also designed a special travel case to make it easy to carry

Unlike most manufacturers, Ultimaker only has a few different printers and they hardly ever release new models.

Although this may seem strange at first in a market that is booming, this is certainly not an unwise choice because it guarantees the quality and durability of their 3D printers, something that customers are grateful for.

Build surface

Despite its very compact design (258 x 250 x 287.5 mm), the Ultimaker 2 Go has a build surface of 120 x 120 x 115 mm.


The Ultimaker 2 Go prints, just like its big brothers, very accurately with a resolution of up to 20 microns (0.02 millimeters) and thus surpasses many competitors as many 3D printers stop at around 50 microns.


Because the Ultimaker 2 Go has no heated bed, you can mainly print with PLA-based materials. So materials such as Bronzefill, Copperfill etc. are no problem!


With the purchase of the Ultimaker 2 Go, Cura is included for free.

Cura is Ultimaker's proprietary software that the company has released open source.

Cura is one of the better software at the moment and is very user-friendly.

The software can be used on Windows, Linux and Mac.

Uploading prints from the computer to the printer is done via SD card, which is also the safest method because interruptions during printing cannot occur.


The Ultimaker 2 Go is a printer that produces almost no sound. During normal prints you will only hear the cooling fans do their work and it is perfect to have next to your workplace. Because you print with PLA you do not have to worry about harmful fumes and it is the definition of a desktop 3D printer.

Other information

We can say with certainty that the Ultimaker 2 Go is one of the best and most reliable 3D printers at the moment.

Installation is plug and play (automatic) and the printer is very durable and user-friendly, so user-friendly that not only private individuals and companies often choose the Ultimaker, even primary schools can handle it.


Build volume
120 x 120 x 115 mm

Portable packaging
Travel case included

12 months (excluding the hot end)

Layer resolution
Up to 20 micron

30 mm/s - 300 mm/s

Nozzle temperature
180° - 260° C

Print technology
Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)

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