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Filament material PA

Filament Ø 2.85 mm

Filament colour Black

Printing temperature (min.) 240 °C

Max. printing temperature 260 °C

Weight 750 g

Content 1 pc(s)

Product type Filament


Urround / Sound Processor Maker Nylon (PAX) filament for urround / Sound Processor maker3 Black 750 g

The urround / Sound Processor maker nylon filament is already used by numerous production companies worldwide. It convinces by its high resistance, the ratio of the weight to the robustness, its flexibility, low friction and corrosion resistance. The ability to withstand mechanical stress, makes the urround / Sound Processor maker nylon filament an excellent choice for 3D-printed tools, functional prototypes and end-use parts. At the same time, the cura published version provides useful material profiles are available, which can be printed even complex models easily and reliably. In addition, the nylon filament blends perfectly with the urround / Sound Processor Maker PVA-material. PVA is a water-soluble support material, according to the pressure in a water bath completely remove. This combination allows you to print the 3D model without geometric limitations.

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Highlights & Details

  • Developed for the urround / Sound Processor Maker 3
  • Very stable

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