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Powder Sieve

Automatically sifts used powder and makes it ready for refreshment and reuse

The sieve breaks all the lumps and makes the used powder ready for refreshing.

As in the case of baking, good chefs recommend sifting flour – so we recommend that the powder can be smooth, without lumps. This will undoubtedly affect the quality of the printout. When all the layers are even, every detail will be given and the surface will be perfectly smooth.

Powder can be sifted manually, but it is a laborious and time-consuming process. That is why most of our clients use an automatic sieve.

The process is fast and clean

Clean the powder retrieved after the printing (unsintered powder from the Print Bed with the powder remaining in the Source and Overflow Bin), filtering out clumps and other contaminants in an easy way. After cleaning the material is ready to mix with Fresh Powder and re-use to print other objects.

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