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This 3D printer offers lightning-fast printing, a large working area, access to numerous materials, and open printing parameters. All designed to give you more freedom to innovate more and faster.

Print all you want with our fast SLS 3D printer

Achieve great printing quality faster

In any research or product development project, details matter. With the Lisa X, you don’t have to sacrifice the quality to achieve results faster. This makes it really unique set of features that make your projects optimal in terms of costs and quality.

Open parameters

There are 32 parameters that you can use to modify printout properties, do research or create profiles for third-party materials.

During the printing process you will have control over:

 Printing temperature
 Warmup and Cooldown
 Laser power
 Laser movement
 Model scale

Open to experimenting with powders, especially:
 creating new personal profiles for Sinterit materials
 using 3rd party materials

Speed up your innovation

with the revolutionary compact SLS printer - the Lisa X

Whether you work on new products or run research projects, how fast you can print parts matters. Being able to print most elements within 24 hours allows you to innovate faster. Then, instead of waiting for the results of printing, you can focus on what’s important – checking your ideas faster, reinventing them, and achieving the results you expect.

Until now, really fast SLS printing was available only in large industrial machines. We set out to bring speed to more 3D printing professionals using compact printers.

This is why we’ve equipped the Lisa X with the powerful laser (30W) and galvo scanner thanks to that it achieves revolutionary industrial speed without sacrificing high-end quality printouts.

This makes the Lisa X the best investment for those who need more detailed prints much faster.

Technical Specification

Technology - Laser Sintering
Build Volume (W x D x H) mm 130 x 180 x 330
(W x D x H) in 5.1 x 7.1 x 13.0
Max print diagonally mm 398
in 15.7
Layer Thickness (Axis Resolution) mm 0.075 - 0.175
in 0.003 - 0.006
Build Speed mm / h up to 14
in 0.39 - 0.55
Laser Type - IR 30 W
Laser Scanner Type - Galvo
Laser Spot Size μm / in 650 / 0.0256
Print Preparation Software Sinterit Studio
Windows Version 10 and later
Files Types STL, 3MF, OBJ, 3DS, FBX, DAE
Output file Types *.scode, *.sspf, *.sspfz
Communication WI-Fi / Ethernet / USB
Inert gas control system Yes
Control Panel 9" Interactive touchscreen
Printer Dimensions (W) mm 650
(D) mm 610
(H) mm 1200
(W) in 25.6
(D) in 24.0
(H) in 47.2
Weight kg 150
lb 330

Sinterit’s solution optimizes the printing process

Sinterit supports the user at all stages of the printing process. From preparing the models in the Sinterit Studio to printing, full post-processing, and powder management. This makes using the Sinterit system as easy and functional as possible.

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