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Safe, Flexible & Self Learning Collaborative Robot

Easy to Use

Easy programming using visual, drag & drop and block-based programming language including Blockly. Teachable by demonstration or single-hand guidance. Real-time control on your mobile phone or tablet through Wi-Fi connection.

Inherently Safe & Collision-Free Collaborative

Real-time obstacle avoidance with every-5ms dynamic monitoring, 10cm-proximity pre-touch sensing & online route planning combined to produce the best trajectory to avoid obstacles

Multi protection with force sensing, obstacle avoidance & camera entry detection.

Flexible & Fast Deployment

Fast setup requiring only 20 minutes to set up, 1 hour to put into application. Wide compatibility with mainstream end-effectors and accessories. Fast changeovers perfect for customized/flexible/lean manufacturing.

Economical & Durable

Limited space with no security fence required

Long-lasting durability with 32,000 hours of service life,

built-in energy feedback & hectowatt-level power consumption

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