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Sinterit Platform

Sinterit Platform Build on a basis The Sinterit Platform is designed to ensure the most ergonomic workspace for both Sinterit Lisa and Lisa PRO users. Easy to assemble, robust and stable,...
AED. 1,525.00

Sinterit - ATEX Vacuum Cleaner

  Sinterit ATEX Vacuum Cleaner Safe powder recovery and cleaning A perfect solution for efficient collecting and cleaning unsintered powder. The compact dimensions of the device along with high collection...
AED. 14,649.00

Sinterit - Sandblaster XL

Sandblaster XL Comfortable post processing of large printouts Cabin sandblaster  is a universal solution for the process of blasting 3D printed parts. It allows you to clean  small gaps, details...
AED. 3,625.00

Sinterit - Sandblaster

Sandblaster Perfectly smooth surface The Sandblaster is designed for cleaning, polishing, and finishing of printouts, using dry Abrasive Material. Thanks to some compressed air and little glass balls (Abrasive Material)...
AED. 2,360.00

Sinterit - Power Sieve

Powder Sieve Automatically sifts used powder and makes it ready for refreshment and reuse The sieve breaks all the lumps and makes the used powder ready for refreshing. As in...
AED. 6,770.00