HP 3D Scan

3D scanning technology that brilliantly captures reality

In a matter of seconds, capture reality with HP’s new 3D scan solution. Create precise 360° 3D models using mobile hardware with enhanced structured light scanning technology to enable productivity and creativity.

Scanning Technology to enable productivity and creativity

Digitize reality with exceptional precision

Enhanced structured light scanning technology captures the physical dimensions of an object and creates a digitalized 360° 3D model with up to 0.05 mm resolution.

Fast scanning; seamless modeling

Highly visual and hands-on experiences are made possible with dual multi-touch displays, a unique 20-point Touch Mat and hi-res cameras. Make collaboration and productivity seamless.

Flexible, scalable and highly mobile

Make what’s real, digital – from a six-cylinder engine down to the bolts that secure it. Additionally, accelerate the scan process with upgrades and optional accessories.

Dual Camera Upgrade Kits

Extend the 3D scan view by adding a second camera to either the S3 or S2.

3D Automatic Turntable PRO

Simplest way to get a 360° scan.

3D Desk Scan Lever PRO

Easily mounts to your desk and adjustable with a 75° tilt and 360° pivoting and turning.

Scanner Properties

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