Our most advanced 3D printer just got even better.

Cost-effective, user-friendly, and low maintenance DLP 3D printers ideal for a wide range of medical and professional applications.

The Ackuray 3D printers deliver high-resolution prints at speeds that allow for premium, high volume production.

Choice components and intricate design offer a unique mix of quality and reliability in an open material, open-architecture system.

Key specifications

Build volume

96 x 54 x 130 mm
135 x 76 x 130 mm


Filament system:
Open filament system
Optimized for:
Qura Resins

Layer resolution

100 micron
Up to:
1 micron

Optimum Temperature

12-32 degrees Celsius

Case Studies

3D Printing in Jewelry

3D Printing in Dentistry

3D Printing in Engineering

Ackuray A96 & Ackuray A135

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